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Frequently Asked Questions

I arrived at your site unintentionally, how?
This is a growing problem for advertisers like us. In order for unscrupulous people to make money online they will often exploit an advertiser's advertising spend. These individuals can do so by hijacking users’ machines when they visit or download software from untrusted websites. Once a user's browser has been hijacked the user will often query a major search engine only to be automatically forwarded to an advert, and then onto an advertisers website. In doing so the 'scammer' receives part of the advertising budget, the advertiser (us) loses money, and the user is left frustrated, landing on a site they never wished to visit.

Only a handful of our three million monthly users are affected by such methods, however, if you suspect your machine (internet browser) is hijacked please take immediate action to scan your system using a trusted anti-spyware program. Until your system is cleaned you will continue to land on websites you do not wish to visit, and will continue to cost advertisers (like us) a small fortune in wasted advertising spend.

We condemn such activity, but are powerless to stop it. However, we ask you write to your local politician to ask that they exert pressure upon the developers of internet browsers to produce more secure software.

The following link (Microsoft) may also be of use in cleaning your machine:

How can I contact you?
You can contact us at the address detailed in the footer of this page.